Jury of your Peers?

Everyone knows that you are entitled to a jury of your peers. but what does that mean? In one case at least it means that you are entitled to a jury that engages in hunting. A Sullivan County judge recently stated that it a jury of peers means a "broad spectrum of people" in the county, citing the United States Supreme Court case of Batson v. Kentucky. Thus, an attorney picking a jury is not allowed to challenge a juror based solely on the juror's race, gender or any other status that implicates equality laws. In a case of first impression the judge here found that it was unconstitutional to challenge a juror simply because he was a hunter. The defendant, was accused of assault for shooting another hunter accidentally while on a hunting trip (no, not Dick Cheney). After the prosecutor removed 3 jurors from the jury panel the judge called for a mistrial for systematically excluding a class of persons that represented the defendant's peers. The judge did not rule as to whether Bambi would be allowed to sit as a juror. -Marc Miner

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