Accidents Caused by Drowsy and Sleepy Drivers
29 August 2017  IN: Blog

Drivers that are tired, drowsy and/or fall asleep are responsible for many motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries. While there are some laws governing how many hours truck drivers can drive,…

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What to do if You are Injured in an Airport or on a Flight.
21 April 2017  IN: Blog

The recent hoopla surrounding United Airlines is a strong reminder of how an injury, including one stemming from the negligence of others, can occur at any time or place. As a personal injury…

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Manhattan Office Building Strikes Again - Injuring Pedestrian With Falling Ice
16 March 2017  IN: Blog

Ice and snow falling off New York City Building injures pedestrian. Ice falling off Arcade Plaza in Midtown Manhattan injures pedestrian. In what was, at least, the second time, a pedestrian has been…

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NY Laws Against Using Phones While Driving
18 November 2016  IN: Automobiles, Buses,Cars, Motorcycles, Motor Vehicles, Taxi Cabs, Trucks

NY Laws against using phone while driving. Deaths caused by drivers distracted by phone. Can I text and drive in NY. Can I text while stopped at a red light. Can I check my phone while stopped.…

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