Falls from Scaffolds, Ladders & Heights at NY Construction Sites
07 December 2015  IN: Construction Accidents

A construction site can be a dangerous place. Working at a height at a construction site creates additional hazards as a fall from a height can lead to serious injuries or death. Because of the…

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Construction Injuries in NY Due to Power Saws
30 November 2015  IN: Construction Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places, and using a power saw can result in serious injuries.  Because of that New York's Industrial Labor Laws require that all saws and power tools at construction…

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Snow or Ice Falling from Building and Striking a Pedestrian
29 September 2015  IN: Falling Objects

In New York City living near tall buildings creates a risk that objects can fall from above and strike and injure pedestrians on the sidewalk.  A pedestrian who is injured from a falling object may…

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Bicycle Injuries From Open Car Doors
29 August 2015  IN: Bicycles

Bicyclists riding in NYC and other New York streets are at risk from injury from car doors opening into them. This event happens so commonly that it has its own name: "dooring".  A cyclist is a victim…

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