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At Zalman Schnurman & Miner we are fully dedicated to our clients, having faithfully represented them for over 30 years. To this day, our attorneys continue to bring case after case to successful conclusion on their client’s behalf. Don’t believe us? See for yourself below.

Here are some notable case results our firm has achieved in the the previous six years:


November 2023

A woman was injured when another vehicle ran a stop sign, t-boning her vehicle. She suffered several broken bones.


October 2023

A woman tripped and fell over a section of raised sidewalk next to a tree in Brooklyn. Our office found that there were prior complaints made to the City of New York via 311. Injuries included a broken collarbone.


August 2023

A gentleman was driving on the Verrazano Bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island. He suffered an aggravation of a pre-existing injury.


July 2023

A woman crossing the street in Las Vegas, Nevada, was struck by a vehicle. The insurance company for the Defendants' paid the full policy.


June 2023

A man tripped and fell on an unlevel section of sidewalk. The property owner moved to have the case dismissed claiming that they had no notice of the condition and that it was a trivial condition. Through Google photos we were able to show that the condition had existed for a long period of time and that it should have been discovered and corrected by the property owner.


May 2023

A woman slipped and fell on a temporary plywood ramp, which was improperly secured, going from the sidewalk to the roadway. Another firm turned down the case because they did not think they could prove who placed the ramp. We were able to identify the contractor who was working in the area and determine that they were required to place the temporary ramps during the construction project.


April 2023

A sunken section of brick sidewalk in Jamaica Queens, resulted in a metal water cap embedded in the sidewalk to be raised. Our client tripped and fell over the raised cap. We were able to show that the condition existed for a long period of time and that the property owner and business improvement district were previously sued when someone else had tripped and fallen due to the dangerous brick sidewalk.


March 2023

Our client was making a left hand turn across three lanes, and was struck by a car driving straight. Our client claimed that she had time to safely turn, but the other driver sped up, changed lanes, and hit the back of her vehicle as she was almost through the intersection. Pictures showed that the vehicles ended up on the far side of the intersection, after our client had almost completely crossed all three lanes. After depositions the defendant driver’s insurance company paid their full policy to settle the case, even though they originally claimed our client was at fault for making an unsafe turn.


February 2023

A woman slipped and fell on slushy snow on steps between an elevated subway and the street. The New York City Transit Authority claimed the steps had been cleaned after the last snowstorm, but records showed that all of the cleaners were sent to busier stations to clean snow, and that no one was left to clean the station where the incident happened.


January 2023

A woman was involved in a car accident while working for Lyft. Our client was making a left-hand turn from one one-way street to another one-way street. A truck to her right was also turning left, and turned into her. The driver of the truck claimed our client tried to sneak past him on the shoulder, but pictures revealed there was no shoulder and our client was in the proper turning lane.


December 2022

Our client, fell when his toe tripped on a brick which was partially in a tree pit, and partially jutting into the sidewalk. The dirt around the tree was filled with random bricks and stones. Through discovery we found that the contractor which enlarged the pit around the tree created and left a brick border at the location, which was contrary to the work they were supposed to perform. Though the tree contractor denied installing the brick border, the pictures they took as proof of the work they did, showed that the brick border present at the completion of their work.


October 2022

A gentleman tripped and fell in a parking lot due to a pothole, landing on his face and suffering a broken nose and lacerations. At issue was whether he also suffered a brain injury. Records showed that before the accident he had prior falls and was seen by doctors for memory loss and other issues. We claimed that the fall in the parking lot aggravated and exacerbated any prior issues.


September 2022

While walking his dog, a gentleman tripped on the sidewalk, half a block from his home. The sidewalk was raised from tree roots. The Town of Islip, where this occurred could only be held liable if it could be shown that they created the condition, or had prior written notice of the condition. Through our investigation we discovered that a young girl had previously tripped and fallen over the same section of sidewalk, and instead of completely replacing the sidewalk the Town had applied a cement patch to create a “ramp”. Further, the Town later had a contractor remove the tree, noting that “the tree is breaking up sidewalk”, and the contractor noted in its paperwork, filed with the Town, that the sidewalk was uplifting. Despite the tree being removed, and the notations about the sidewalk uplifting, the sidewalk was not repaired. We then successfully moved for summary judgment and the Honorable Court ruled that the Town was liable as a matter of law for the injuries suffered, as: 1) a dangerous condition existed on the sidewalk, and 2) The Town had prior written notice of the condition.


August 2022

A young woman was a passenger in the front seat of a car stopped at a red light when it was struck from behind by a distracted driver. She died instantly, and three other people were seriously injured in the crash. We fought to obtain the full policy limits of all available insurance and got the owner of the car to pay an additional $50,000 out of their own pockets in addition to the insurance money. The Estate of the young woman recovered $450,000 which was a significant sum considering there was no evidence of conscious pain or suffering, and she had no dependents.


June 2022

A construction worker was injured when a wall, next to a trench he was digging in a basement, collapsed, causing injury to his foot. The property owner was sued, and we alleged the property owner failed to provide the proper safety devices required by law. The property owner moved to dismiss the case claiming that he could not be sued because a two-family home was being built at which he intended to live. Thus, he claimed he was entitled to an exemption from being sued by construction workers, which is afforded to the owner of one- or two-family homes which are owner occupied and not used for commercial purposes. At trial we convinced the jury that the property was being used for commercial purposes since the owner intended to rent out half of the property, and placed the ownership of the property into a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for liability purposes.


April 2022

The City of New York milled a roadway in preparation for resurfacing. The milling left uneven walking surfaces, including dips in the roadway which were obscured by water after it rained. Our client was crossing the street when she tripped and fell due to a dip or pothole caused by the milling, before the road was resurfaced.


April 2022

A mother and adult daughter were injured in a car accident when the adult daughter’s husband negligently entered an intersection. The husband/son-in-law was sued, and the insurance company for the family’s car paid the compensation.


March 2022

A woman tripped and fell on the remnant of a balustrade on the sidewalk. Investigation showed that the remnant was part of gate system used by the New York City Housing Authority to keep public vehicles from traveling on a closed off roadway between two of their buildings, which was repurposed for pedestrian traffic. The case settled after our office moved the court to determine that the New York City Housing Authority was liable as a matter of law for creating a dangerous condition on a pathway open to pedestrians.


February 2022

Three occupants of a car were compensated for damages suffered when the car they were in were struck from debris, from a construction site, which blew off of a nearby building. The building, general contractor and scaffolding company were sued and contributed to the settlement of the case.


January 2022

A bicyclist broke his nose when the driver's side door was opened into the bike lane the bicyclist was riding in.


December 2021

A woman who fell on a broken subway step and broke her arm.


July 2021

A woman who rented an apartment on the top floor of a two-family home fell on uneven steps to the front door of the apartment she rented, breaking her leg.


November 2020

The driver of a car was the victim of a hit and run driver. She suffered a rotator cuff tear requiring arthroscopic surgery.


July 2020

A pedestrian slipped on ice and broke her wrist, while exiting her car in the parking lot of her building complex.


May 2020

A bicyclist fell on an uneven sidewalk and broke her wrist.


February 2020

A gentleman who slipped and fell on loose asphalt from an incomplete roadway repair. He had suffered a broken arm.


December 2019

A passenger of a car accident suffered fractures when the driver hit a tree.


July 2019

A driver was rear ended and suffered a serious back injury.


July 2019

A pedestrian was injured in a parking lot incident in which she was forced to dive out of the way of a moving vehicle. The pedestrian suffered a broken arm. No information was exchanged between the pedestrian and driver, and no police were called to the scene. Despite the lack of initial information, our firm was able to track down and identify the driver.


June 2019

A pedestrian slipped on a sidewalk covered in snow and ice, suffering a knee injury.


May 2019

A motorcyclist was struck by a car changing lanes. He suffered a fractured arm among other injuries.


April 2019

A pedestrian tripped and fell when his walker came in contact with a broken curb and sidewalk. He aggravated prior knee and back conditions.


March 2019

A woman tripped on the sidewalk as the result of a raised cellar door. She suffered an ulna and radius fracture at the elbow.


November 2018

A bicyclist was traveling straight through an intersection, and was struck by a turning truck, suffering a broken arm and nose.


September 2018

A gentleman slipped on ice in the roadway in front of his house. His family had long complained to the town where they lived that a repaving of the roadway had caused water to pool in the roadway. After a heavy rain, water accumulated and then turned to ice when the temperature dropped. He suffered bilateral ruptured quadriceps among other injuries.


August 2018

A moving company employee fell down a flight of uneven stairs, while helping a couple move out of their apartment. He suffered an aggravation of a prior back injury, requiring surgery. The defendants argued that the plaintiff had a pre-existing back injury and had successfully navigated the stairway several times before he fell.


August 2018

A woman slipped on ice in the parking lot at the apartment building where she lived. The management company admitted that they cleared snow and ice from the center of the parking lot, but never from the parking spots, not even empty parking spots. She suffered a fractured wrist and hip.


June 2018

A woman tripped on an uneven sidewalk, suffering a torn meniscus in her knee and a tear in her shoulder.


January 2018

A woman was a pedestrian in a crosswalk struck by a turning car. She suffered a torn meniscus in her knee, requiring surgery.


November 2017

A woman slipped and fell because of ice on the sidewalk where a homeowner’s driveway crossed over. She suffered an ankle fracture requiring surgery. The homeowner’s claimed that they had completely cleared the area of any ice and snow, but we deposed the EMT driver who recalled that the area was slippery upon arriving at the scene.


August 2017

A tourist from Europe tripped on a broken sidewalk, and fractured her finger, requiring surgery.


May 2017

A bicyclist got thrown from his bicycle after the front wheel got stuck in a gap between subway grate panels on the sidewalk. He was thrown forward and suffered facial injuries requiring multiple surgeries to repair. The sidewalk was narrowed by a construction fence. Both the construction companies and the Transit Authority were sued. The defendants argued that the plaintiff, an adult, should not have been riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Plaintiff argued that the sidewalk was the safest place to be given that the roadway was busy with vehicle traffic, and there was no designated bike lane.


May 2017

A man tripped over a box sticking out of the bottom of a shopping cart being operated by a store employee. He suffered a knee injury which required surgery.


April 2017

A woman tripped over a broken sidewalk. She suffered a fractured ankle requiring surgery.


April 2017

A gentleman tripped over a raised hinge on a ventilation grate on the sidewalk. He suffered a fractured finger.

Zalman Schnurman, & Miner's reputation for satisfying clients is nothing recent; it has been developed over three decades of providing excellent service.

Here are some more of the firm's notable case results from its illustrious history: