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Construction site accidents

Construction Site Accidents

The State of New York and especially New York City are incredibly busy with construction projects. Unfortunately, construction sites are dangerous, particularly for those working in the construction field, due to:

  • construction debris;
  • moving parts;
  • saws and other tools which may be without guards or safety features;
  • risks of falling or having things fall on you; and
  • the unfinished nature of the building.

To help, the government has instituted safety requirements. Building owners, general contractors, and others in charge of a worksite, have to follow guidelines to ensure they prevent as many accidents as possible from occurring.

New York’s Labor Law specifically requires owners and contractors of construction sites to “provide reasonable and adequate protection to the lives, health, and safety of all persons employed therein or lawfully frequenting such places.”

When contractors and owners fail to follow these prescribed legal guidelines, they can be held strictly liable for injuries which result from their failure.

It is important to know that if you are injured on a construction job, a worker’s compensation claim will only provide money for medical expenses, lost wages, and disability (i.e., economic losses). Additionally, workers compensation benefits typically do not cover 100% of economic losses. In order to receive all the compensation you are entitled to, you must file a personal injury suit as well. A personal injury case for your construction accident will allow you to receive compensation for both pain and suffering, and the economic losses not covered by worker’s compensation.

If you have been injured while working on a construction site, or while present on one, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney. Time is often of the essence when filing a construction accident lawsuit.

The firm of Zalman Schnurman & Miner P.C. has earned millions in compensation for victims of construction accidents. If you are interested in commencing a lawsuit, please reach out to our firm to schedule a free consultation.

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