NY Rules Governing Construction Worker Trips, Slips and Falls
31 October 2016  IN: Construction Accidents

Experienced NY personal injury lawyer for construction accident cases discusses laws, rules and lawsuits concerning slips and falls at constructions sites; trips and falls at construction sites;…

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Falls from Scaffolds, Ladders & Heights at NY Construction Sites
07 December 2015  IN: Construction Accidents

A construction site can be a dangerous place. Working at a height at a construction site creates additional hazards as a fall from a height can lead to serious injuries or death. Because of the…

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Construction Injuries in NY Due to Power Saws
30 November 2015  IN: Construction Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places, and using a power saw can result in serious injuries.  Experienced New York Personal Injury Lawyer discusses the laws, rules and regulations governing saws…

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Snow or Ice Falling from Building and Striking a Pedestrian
29 September 2015  IN: Falling Objects

In New York City living near tall buildings creates a risk that objects can fall from above and strike and injure pedestrians on the sidewalk. An Experienced NYC personal injury lawyer discusses the…

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