Bicycle Injuries From Open Car Doors
29 August 2015  IN: Bicycles

Bicyclists riding in NYC and other New York streets are at risk from injury from car doors opening into them. This event happens so commonly that it has its own name: "dooring".  A cyclist is a victim…

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Pedestrian Struck by Falling Objects
23 July 2015  IN: Falling Objects

Pedestrians in New York City have a busy enough time trying to avoid being struck by cars, bicycles, and other pedestrians, so when danger strikes from above it is the last thing they expect.…

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NY Victims of Injuries Caused by Dogs Denied Recovery
09 June 2015  IN: Dog Bites and Injuries Caused by Animals

In deciding two cases, New York's Court of Appeals has made clear that the State of NY does not allow a case based on negligence to be brought by an injured party against the owner of a domestic…

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Suing For Injury During Road Test
07 April 2015  IN: Automobiles, Buses,Cars, Motorcycles, Motor Vehicles, Taxi Cabs, Trucks

A driver can be liable for negligent driving while taking a road test. An employee of New York State Department of Motor Vehicles was injured while administering a road test when the test taker drove…

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