New York City Property Owners Are Liable for Ice on Sidewalk
29 November 2019  IN: Slips Trips and Falls

Is an out of possession New York City landlord liable for the maintenance of an icy public sidewalk, in front of property leased to a tenant? Most of the time, the answer is yes, as New York’s…

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Tesla's Autopilot Feature and the Risks Behind Untested Advents in Technology
15 August 2019  IN: Automobiles, Buses,Cars, Motorcycles, Motor Vehicles, Taxi Cabs, Trucks

In the long run, self-driving cars are expected to be safer than cars driven by humans, particularly because the mechanism will reduce injuries and deaths. However, in the short run, autonomous…

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NY Child Victims Act Revives Sexual Abuse Claims
14 August 2019  IN: Miscellaneous

New York's Child Victims Act has opened up a one year window to allow civil sexual abuse cases, previously barred by the statute of limitations. The window will open on August 14, 2019, and close on…

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A Vicious Cycle: NYC to Expand bike Lanes After Spike in Fatalities
02 August 2019  IN: Bicycles

When Mayor de Blasio took office, he was quick to announce that his administration would place a large emphasis on achieving his/their vision of a cleaner and safer New York City, particularly in…

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