What to Do If Injured in a Taxi Cab
23 June 2020  IN: Automobiles, Buses,Cars, Motorcycles, Motor Vehicles, Taxi Cabs, Trucks

If you happen to be injured while a passenger in a taxi cab, here is what you should do. First, you should contact the proper authorities. Call the Police to the scene. Second, after contacting the…

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Lawsuits Stemming From the COVID 19 Pandemic
16 June 2020  IN: Blog

The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented changes to society and the legal system has not been spared. In order to deal with the unexpected changes, the New York State Unified Court System…

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New York State Approves Electronic Filing of Nonessential Lawsuits
04 June 2020  IN: Blog

Downstate counties will accept “the filing of new non-essential matters though” electronic filing, beginning May 25, 2020. The report was issued in light of the fact that many downstate counties have…

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Cap for Possible Awarded Compensation in NYC Small Claims Court Increased
29 May 2020  IN: Miscellaneous

Previously, the monetary cap for awarded compensation from a Small Claims Court in New York City was $5000. However, the Legislature of New York recently passed Senate Bill S6417 which increases the…

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