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Spring/Summer 2023 Newsletter

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Do Landlords Have a Responsibility to Ensure Tenants are Protected from Assailants? Do Landlords Have to Provide Adequate Locks and Security Measures?

In New York, the answers are an unequivocal YES. Landlords have a responsibility to ensure tenants are protected from assailants. Landlords have to provide adequate locks and security measures. New...

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If You Sign a Waiver to Participate in a Recreational Activity, Are You Barred From Bringing a Lawsuit if Injured?

In New York, if you paid to participate in a recreational activity and are injured due to the negligence of the facility, you may sue even if you signed a...

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What is the “Danger Invites Rescue” Doctrine?

What occurs under the law when someone tries to intercede to help an injured person, injuring themselves in the process? Well, according to the “danger invites rescue” doctrine, a person...

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The Firm of Zalman Schnurman & Miner has made an effort to use the power of media to help keep clients and accident victims informed. Check out some of these efforts below.

Partner Marc Miner sits down with CEO Unplugged for a wide-ranging interview

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What to do if you are hurt while working on a construction site?

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What you should do if you are hurt in an accident through no fault of your own?

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