When Softballs are not so Soft
15 April 2019  IN: Schools, Gyms, Athletic Activities & Amusement Parks

The start of spring is upon us, and with that comes the opportunity for people to resume their favorite outdoor activities now that the weather has warmed. For many, particularly for those of us that…

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One Took the High Road, Another Took the low Road, and I Took the Sidewalk: Why you Should Walk on City Sidewalks Instead of Roadways.
22 March 2019  IN: Slips Trips and Falls

​Most people are taught to walk on sidewalks, rather than on roadways as it is unquestionably safer. While this is reason enough to stay off roadways when traveling on foot, there is another added…

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Res Ipsa Loquitur
22 February 2019  IN: Miscellaneous

What does Res Ipsa Loquitur mean? “Res ipsa loquitir” is a Latin term that translates to “the thing speaks for itself”. In personal injury law, the utilization of this implies that if an accident…

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Accidents Involving Parked Vehicles
14 February 2019  IN: Automobiles, Buses,Cars, Motorcycles, Motor Vehicles, Taxi Cabs, Trucks

A driver will almost always be held liable for an an accident if they caused injury or damages by striking a parked car. Specifically, when only one driver is involved in an accident, and the other…

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