Jury of your Peers?
03 September 2010  IN: Trials, Discovery and Procedures

Everyone knows that you are entitled to a jury of your peers. but what does that mean? In one case at least it means that you are entitled to a jury that engages in hunting.   A Sullivan County judge…

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Bed Bugs are Everywhere
25 August 2010  IN: Bedbugs

Everywhere you turn the media is talking about bed bugs. USA Today had a big article about bed bugs in office buildings, The Daily News declared New York City is Bed Bug City on the front page. an…

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Suing For Sky Diving Accident May Not Fly
21 July 2010  IN: Schools, Gyms, Athletic Activities & Amusement Parks

Recently two men died when they collided in midair after deploying their chutes.  Can their families sue the sky diving company for the deaths? Probably not successfully. In New York a person who…

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Are School Trips Safe?
15 July 2010  IN: Schools, Gyms, Athletic Activities & Amusement Parks

Two articles in today's New York Daily News should make all parents think twice before allowing their child on a school trip. The first article discusses the indictment of a parent chaperon from…

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