Who Do I Sue if I Slip on Snow or Ice?
07 February 2011  IN: Slips Trips and Falls

You just slipped on a patch of ice, and injured yourself.  Who is legally responsible for the injuries you suffered for slipping on snow and ice? If you fell on private property, then the people in…

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How Soon after it Snows do I need to Shovel?
28 January 2011  IN: Slips Trips and Falls

How much time does someone have to shovel the sidewalk?  Property owners must keep their property in a reasonably safe condition.  Such includes keeping sidewalks, walkways, paths, steps, and stoops…

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Boy Scouts of America Sued for Not Being Trustworthy
19 January 2011  IN: Schools, Gyms, Athletic Activities & Amusement Parks

Given that I am a Personal Injury Attorney, Scoutmaster of a Boy Scout Troop, the member of the Nassau County's Boy Scout Risk Management Committee, and the father of two Boy Scouts, it is no surprise…

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Did Anyone Notice That?
18 January 2011  IN: Slips Trips and Falls

In most personal injury actions where is is alleged that there is a dangerous condition the plaintiff or claimant must deal with the issue of notice.  Thus if the allegation is that there is a crack…

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