New York State Approves Electronic Filing of Nonessential Lawsuits
04 June 2020  IN: Miscellaneous

Downstate counties will accept “the filing of new non-essential matters though” electronic filing, beginning May 25, 2020. The report was issued in light of the fact that many downstate counties have…

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Cap for Possible Awarded Compensation in NYC Small Claims Court Increased
29 May 2020  IN: Miscellaneous

Previously, the monetary cap for awarded compensation from a Small Claims Court in New York City was $5000. However, the Legislature of New York recently passed Senate Bill S6417 which increases the…

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New York State Passes New Law Regulating Trampoline Adventure Parks
26 May 2020  IN: Schools, Gyms, Athletic Activities & Amusement Parks

The State of New York recently introduced and passed a bill, effective 4/18/2020, instituting some of the strictest trampoline park safety laws in the nation. New York General Business Law Article…

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Hazards From Above
20 May 2020  IN: Falling Objects

In previous articles we discussed the danger falling icicles present to pedestrians. However, hazards from above can present dangers under all kinds of weather conditions. For reference, aging…

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