Accidents Involving Painters Falling from Heights
31 October 2016  IN: Construction Accidents

NY Laws protect painters working at elevated heights. An experienced NY personal injury construction lawyer discusses the laws and rules which protect painters, and injured painters right to sue for…

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Construction Accidents from Falling through Holes and Openings
31 October 2016  IN: Construction Accidents

Unguarded holes or openings at construction sites can cause construction workers to fall from a height and be seriously injured. Injured construction workers are entitled to recover damages for their…

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NY Rules Governing Construction Worker Trips, Slips and Falls
31 October 2016  IN: Construction Accidents

Experienced NY personal injury lawyer for construction accident cases discusses laws, rules and lawsuits concerning slips and falls at constructions sites; trips and falls at construction sites;…

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Falls from Scaffolds, Ladders & Heights at NY Construction Sites
07 December 2015  IN: Construction Accidents

A construction site can be a dangerous place. Working at a height at a construction site creates additional hazards as a fall from a height can lead to serious injuries or death. Because of the…

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